Monday, September 8, 2008

Published Articles
"Form Follows Function - Keys to Facial Beauty & Expression Involve Maxillary Arch Form and Development"
Verticalizing the Posterior Teeth of a TMD Pain Patient showing sequence transitioning from lower removable orthotic to final neuromuscular (NM) orthopedic position, giving the natural teeth the bite they deserve. Condyles can remodel when proper physiologic joint space is developed and maintained with an optimal bite position.

"Multi-Dimensional Diagnosis & Treatment to Avoid Orthodontic & Surgical Pitfalls"
This article conveys the importance of a proper "Physiologic" diagnosis to related the maxillary and mandibular casts prior to definitive treatment and decision making. A proper NM position could just possibly avoid the unnecessary need for irreversible jaw surgery.

"Applying the Neuromuscular Principles in TMD and Orthodontics"
This is a classical article written by Dr. Chan which convey's the power of neuromuscular instrumentation and orthopedic understanding that bones move, teeth can develop to their full potential and jaw joints can reposition to a more optimal position. This article has received numerous accalades as well as interest from many clinicians desirous to know how it is possible to do NM Orthodontics with TMD paining patients.

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